Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever walked into a salon and thought there was a new form of English only stylists knew because you had zero clue what they were talking? Don't worry, we've all been there. So today I wanted to address and clear up some topics and questions we get asked most frequently.

What is a Balayage? 

A balayage is a hand painting color technique that gives your color and highlights a graduated and natural rooty look without the harsh lines an Ombre has. Also it's pronounces Bah-lay-ahz.

What is a toner?

A toner is a custom mixed color that is used to neutralize brassy and yellow tones out of your blonde usually. However it can be used to add extra oomph to any color or to help cancel out certain undertones to lay a good foundation for color changes. 

Why do I need to do a consultation before having a Balayage/Ombre/Unicorn color done?

The amount of time each client needs, especially for their first time balayage/ombre/unicorn service here can greatly range. The amount of services that a client will need to have to reach their goal color can also greatly vary depending on current hair health and hair history. Price also ranges greatly, and during the consultation we'll be able to give you a price estimate. Without the consultation we would be setting you up for failure as we probably wouldn't have enough time, and you could possibly be expecting very different results than what we can do while keeping your hair healthy in a first time service.

Why can't you just give me a price quote over the phone for a Balayage/Ombre/Unicorn color?

Without a stylist looking at your hair in person and seeing what results your looking for there is literally no way for us to quote you without pulling a random number out of thin air-and that really wouldn't be fair to you. Prices range drastically from person to person based off of how dramatic of a change they're looking for, how long and thick the hair is, and what other colors they've done in the past that will resurface when lightened.

How long will my purple/blue/pink/green/etc last?

That all depends on how you take care of it. It can stay vibrant and vivid for up to 12 washes as long as you're using professional quality color safe product in cold water only. Dry shampoo is going to be your best friend, because we recommend washing your hair no more than 2 times a week. If you wash your hair in hot water with store product it's going to last much much less than that. 

Stylists are just trying to make more money, I don't really need professional products. The store products are just as good, right?

No they really, seriously, truly aren't good for your hair. As much as you think "My hair feels fine" or "Well it says color safe and sulfate free so it's just as good" we mean it when we say that it's really not good for your hair. For one the products are incredibly watered down, so even though you think it's cheaper you're buying it much more often than you would professional products as professional products are concentrated. They're also high in cheap silicones, which make your hair feel okay but what silicone does is create a waxy barrier on the hair. Imagine it like a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches. I guess you could say it's protecting it from outside problems, but it's not helping the wound and honestly it's just making it itchy and feel sweaty and gross. Also you can literally cut silicone build up on a strand of hair. Ew.

Isn't box color the same?

Okay, thank god we don't ACTUALLY get asked this very often-but I do still want to address it. For the love of everything that is holy it is nothing alike. Have you ever tried on one size fits all leggings? Imagine that hell in color form. Sure it might be kind of okay in a weird too sheer in the butt kind of way for a couple of people, but it's typically awful. A stylist completes a minimum of 1600 hours in the state of Arizona for a license for a reason. We deal with chemistry and the color wheel on a daily basis while still trying to keep in mind a clients color history and health. A box can't do that. Also do you honestly think you're going to be able to apply it evenly? And try to keep in mind it takes one $10 box color fiasco to result in hundreds of dollars in color correction services.

I don't use box, I use Sallys!

Yeah...that's not any better. Unless you have a license and a full understanding in the color wheel and what developer actually does what you're more or less playing a Russian roulette game at the hands of the advice from Sally's employees (which in our experience is very rarely right.)

I can get it cheaper on Amazon or at Ulta.

Amazon doesn't offer a points program and is pretty sketchy as to if you're getting actual Paul Mitchell product seeing as they have strict rules banning it from being sold at Amazon and Ulta isn't cheaper, we've checked. Also you get way more points with our points program from purchasing retail here and you can use those points towards your hair services. And I'm just pointing this out but shopping local and buying from us means that you're helping put food on our tables, keeping our lights on, and supporting the underdog-not some large CEO you've never met.


Pamela Sultzbach