Women's Haircut

tier 1 $38+ Tier 2 $42+ Tier 3 $46+


All women's haircuts include a complimentary Shampoo and Blow-dry, if you choose not to have either the price will not change. 


Men's Haircut

Tier 1 $24+ tier 2 $26+ tier 3 $28+

All men's haircuts include a complimentary shampoo and style, if you choose not to have either the price will not change.


Blow Out

Tier 1 $22+ Tier 2 $25+ Tier 3 $28+

Having a hard time getting the perfect blowout at home? We can help you with that!


Blow Out + Curling/Flat Iron

TIER 1 $25+ TIER 2 $28+ TIER 3 $31+

Lock in your style with a curling or flat iron to have that blow out last even longer. 


Formal Style/Updo


Come with Clean, washed, and blow dried hair. (We highly recommend blow drying your hair with Paul Mitchell's sculpting foam to help your style hold up even longer.) Wear a collared button up so you won't get any hairspray on your neck and you can change without damaging your style. Also be sure to bring plenty of pictures, you can always let us know what you like about different styles so we can create a unique look all your own!


What does the + mean?

Prices for every service can go up if the hair is extra long, extra thick or for extreme transformations. The more hair a client has or the more changes we're doing, the more time we're taking.

What are tiers?

Tiers are our way of promoting and rewarding our employees for achieving certain goals. Just like in other industries a promotion from hard work includes a raise, their prices are higher so they too can get a raise. And once again, promotions are not based off of experience or seniority, they're given from working hard to achieve goals and milestones we set for them. 

So when you see a stylist has been promoted be sure to congratulate them!