full treatment: $25

in color bowl: $15-per color bowl

with perm: $45

A full Olaplex treatment is a two step process that helps rebuild broken bonds. It's the only treatment like it in the world, and has become a cult classic around the globe fore good reason. Because it works from the inside out unlike any treatment you might not feel any major changes, but hair that normally would break off when you brush it, style it, or do any other chemical or heat damage will be stronger and more resilient.  The full treatment can also include Olaplex in your color if you're having a color service done and always includes a nice long scalp massage at the lather lounge while the products work their magic on your strands. The full Olaplex treatment takes 30 additional minutes.

We can also place some olaplex just in your color bowl to help keep your hair strong and prevent major color damage. It's the perfect treatment for those short on time as it takes no additional time to include. 

If you decide to do an Olaplex perm there will be a little bit of Olaplex in every single step of the perm and includes the lather lounge treatment with a scalp massage. An Olaplex Perm takes an additional 30 minutes.


KeraTriplex  & HydraTriplex Treatments

$25 for just one, $30 for both treatments at the same time

The KeraTriplex strengthens and protects weak, broken, and brittle strands. The treatment lasts for 4-6 weeks and during that time it can reduce breakage up to 80%, improve shine up to 35%, and prevent color fade up to 67%.

The HydraTriplex hydrates, binds & seals the hair with moisturizing ingredients to make dry, frizz hair up to 82% softer and more manageable for 4-6 weeks.


Marula Oil Treatment


A treatment jam packed with cold-pressed marula oil to deeply hydrate and dramatically smooth and soften even the driest and most coarse hair while also sealing split ends and providing UV protection. It also includes time-released MarulaSpheres that break open when you brush or touch your hair, releasing fresh bursts throughout the day. 


Lavender Mint Treatment


Repairs dry, damaged hair with intense moisturizers. The essential minerals in this clay treatment nourishes thirsty strands while simultaneously strengthening them and then seals in the moisture for up to 6 weeks of softer, healthier hair.


Eyebrow wax $15

Lip or chin wax $10


Not sure what your hair needs?

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